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What are Dental Memberships?

An in-office dental membership, sometimes referred to as a dental savings plan or an in-house dental plan, is a program offered by some dental practices to help patients access affordable dental care. It’s an alternative to traditional dental insurance and can be particularly beneficial for individuals or families who may not have dental insurance coverage.

Benefits of a Dental Memberships?

In-house dental memberships plans have many benefits to both dental offices and their patients! Below are some of the top benefits of a dental memberships.

Membership Experience

Patients pay an annual or monthly membership fee to join the dental plan. This fee is usually more affordable than paying for dental insurance premiums.

Covered Services

The dental practice outlines a list of services included in the membership plan. These services often include preventive care, as well as discounts on other dental procedures like fillings, crowns, and extractions.​

No Insurance Hassles

One significant advantage of an in-office dental membership is that there are no insurance claims or paperwork to deal with. Patients can receive their covered services and discounts directly at the dental office without the need for third-party insurance approval.

Transparent Pricing

The membership plan typically comes with a fee schedule that clearly outlines the cost of various dental treatments. This transparency helps patients know exactly what they’ll pay for each service.​

No Waiting Periods

Unlike some dental insurance plans that have waiting periods before certain services are covered, in-office dental memberships often provide immediate access to the included services.

Cash Discount

Members can enjoy significant savings on their dental care, especially if they visit the dental office regularly for preventive treatments.​

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